WMU Site Improvement Project

In 2015, West-Mont United Soccer Association conducted a survey of its membership in order to fully understand the desire of the membership and how to move forward as a club.  One section was dedicated to site improvements that the West-Mont board was already considering.  The response clearly indicated the need for permanent turf fields with lights and permanent bathrooms. 

This response further reinforced the board to do more for our membership based on the club’s vision and mission:


West-Mont United Soccer Association will be a leading soccer organization in the region for player development and competitive play at all ages and abilities.


West-Mont United Soccer Association creates a positive soccer experience that values sportsmanship and character building:

  • By providing programs for all levels of play: Recreational, Travel and Premier
  • By focusing on the development of players of all abilities 
  • By delivering our programs at top quality facilities
  • By educating our players and members through experienced professional staff

West-Mont recognized that we must do more:

For the players. Each season, fall and spring, more than 1800 children participate in West-Mont youth programs. West-Mont provides organized youth soccer activity for any child who wants to learn and compete. Currently, the programs are limited by the sun; during early sunset months, in order to have late afternoon or evening practices and games, players must move to offsite facilities.

For the  community. West-Mont is where people gather. With so many families participating in West-Mont programs, The Hill-Top complex is the place where neighbors get to meet neighbors and where children get to meet children from beyond their schools and places of worship. The more West-Mont can bring people together, learning and playing together, the stronger the community will be.

For the future. Renting off-site facilities has been expensive. Through this campaign, West-Mont will move all programs onto the Hill-Top complex, fully owned by  West-Mont and debt-free. With this financially secure future; West-Mont will be better able to serve the next classes of children and adults.

Late in 2015, the West-Mont board contracted Mid-Atlantic Sports Construction, the region’s premier developer and builder of state-of-the-art sports facilities, to oversee the construction.  Limerick township approved this project in October of 2016 paving the way for the Hill-Top complex to become one of the region’s leading facilities.  The project consists of:

  • Permanent bathroom facility for children and adults
  • Two full size artificial turf fields with stadium height lighting
  • One additional grass field

The cost to build and to own the property debt-free is $3.1 million. Through prudent financial management and a significant private commitment, West-Mont has $1.3 million in hand but this falls just short of the Nov 2016 construction timeline.  With the help of individuals, foundations and the business community, West-Mont is focused on raising the remaining balance to begin construction with a new target of fall 2017.

Site Plan and Survey Results:

Site Plan     Survey Response 1    Survey Response 2